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Over time we have worked with various businesses, so we have gained experience in promoting and creating a visual identity in line with the field of activity. See below some of our projects and how we reached various audiences.

Evergreen Towers

Facebook Ads | Social media | Stationery
Evergreen Towers is a residential complex in Iași with a new concept in this field for Romania, always green flats. We got involved in marketing and promotion, which is easy with the flexible and involved team at Evergreen. Periodically new offers and campaigns are created, to keep the public interested, which is well seen in numbers.


Branding | Website | Facebook Ads | Social media
We are with Picolina Bucium Residence from the beginning, from the name, visual identity, website, and online promotion. Picolina is a residential neighborhood consisting of apartments and houses, located in a beautiful and quiet area of Iasi.


E-commerce | Facebook Ads | Social media
Canapelux is a custom furniture company, and they recently decided to expand their retail business, so much so that they needed a redesign of the site and the addition of the functions of an online store.


Website | E-commerce
Un alt magazin online pe care l-am construit este cel pentru CaTerraParts, vânzător de piese pentru diverse utilaje. Am integrat cu succes multitudinea și varietatea produse și funcțiile dorite de client, astfel că ne mândrim și cu acest proiect.

Euro Taxi

Website | Social media | Facebook Ads | Google Ads
Euro Taxi is one of the most famous taxi companies in Iași, with already well-known notoriety, so the challenge was to refresh the image of Euro Taxi without making major changes, and to attract a new and young audience. We worked on redesigning the site and promoting the company with the help of humorous ads.

Vistory Academy

Branding | Website | Social media | Facebook Ads
Vistory Academy is our platform where you can learn programs like Adobe Photoshop. Our course encourages people with varying levels of knowledge to learn practically the most popular digital editing and creation program.


Contest participation
We present to you our participation in a contest whose theme was the creation of a social media campaign for the young generations, so we wanted to promote the new Ducati Monster model on platforms such as Tik-Tok and Twitch.
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